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When Medication Goes Awry

Posted on Feb 13, 2015 by in Injuries and Disabilities | 0 comments

Diabetes can be one of the most debilitating health conditions to live with. In the United States, most people are diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes, better known as ‘non-insulin dependent diabetes’. This means that there is an irregularity with how glucose is distributed throughout the body that instead of going to the cells, the sugar goes to the blood. This can mean serious health complications such as severe dehydration caused by urinating too much and too often or even heart failures that cause cardiac arrest.

There is available medication in order to control this condition so that the person suffering from it can live a life as normal as possible. One such drug known in the market right now is called Actos. Some have claimed it to be the safer option to that of Avandia, another drug often used in the treatment of Type-2 diabetes. However, citing information provided on the website of defective pharmaceutical lawyers Williams Kherkher, there has been new recent evidence that points Actos as a possible cause of bladder cancer.

If diabetes is difficult to live with, cancer is doubly more so than that as this is one of the most deadly illnesses known to man. This condition is incredibly difficult to treat and often costs a lot of money. It is not right that a patient must opt to pay so much more than just money for taking a drug meant to relieve him or her of their diabetic condition. Therefore, if you or someone you know should develop bladder cancer due to the intake of Actos, legal action is highly advised.

Stress is undeniable come the diagnosis of cancer and the expenses for medication and procedures needed are often extremely high and almost just as debilitating as the illness itself. The process of acquiring financial compensation for the expenses that are, without a doubt, going to be a reality of this new medical circumstance will be tedious and stressful to deal with – and any one suddenly acquiring a sickness of this nature is in enough stress as it is.

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