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Tips for New Dog Owners

Posted on Jul 30, 2019 by in Pet Ownership | 0 comments

Adding a dog to your family is a huge milestone. Dogs add excitement and adventure into our lives — they’re not just pets, they’re members of the family.

Of course, adding a new member of the family can bring its own set of challenges. If you’re considering adding a furry friend to your family, you should check out these tips.

Talk about the routine

Before the dog even officially comes home, make sure you and your family have decided who is handling what. Who is responsible for walking the dog? When will you walk the dog? Also, take the opportunity to establish ground rules with the dog. Is the dog allowed on the furniture? Are people comfortable with the dog sleep in the bedroom? You’ll want to create a plan first so you’re not caught off guard when the dog comes home.

Timing is everything

Your dog’s first days in his new home are among the most crucial. This time period is the time where you and your new pet will begin to form a bond and also when he will begin to explore his new environment. As such, you’ll want to schedule your pet’s arrival when someone is available to be at your home at all times. Keep any work and outside commitments in mind when preparing to bring your new baby home.

Schedule a vet visit

As I said earlier, this beginning period is one of the most crucial stages of your pet’s life. Call your vet and let them know that you’ll be bringing in your dog for a checkup. Bringing your pet to the vet is beyond important for a variety of reasons. First, your vet can give your pet any shots it did not receive from wherever you adopted it from.

Secondly, your vet can let you know if your pet has picked up any illnesses while living in close proximity to other animals. Plus, it’s always nice to establish a relationship with the professional who will be in charge of your pet’s care years into the future.

Consider obedience school

Training a pet …is a lot. That statement is even truer if your new dog is a puppy. And just because you got a new pet doesn’t mean that the rest of your life suddenly goes on hold. Work, school, and kids will still demand your energy and attention. Leave the dog training to the professionals, like Walk!ATX. Dog obedience schools will teach your pet how to co-exist better in a home — allowing you to enjoy more time with your pet without worrying about their behavior.

Dog-proof your home

It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. To make sure your home is as safe as possible for your dog, make a few small changes to your home. Move any dangerous chemicals to the higher cabinets, and remove any valuables that your dog might be tempted by. Your dog and your home will thank you.

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