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How to prevent slip and trip accidents in construction sites?

Posted on Mar 23, 2016 by in Workplace Injury | 0 comments

Workplace-related accidents are common, and when a person sustained injuries in his or her workplace, he or she might find it hard to provide the daily financial needs of his or her family. In 2014 alone, an annual report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that there were approximately 3 million workers who sustained injuries or illness in their workplace.

Contractors and employers are required to provide training to their workers for them to practice safety precautions at all times while in the construction site. Such training might include proper use of heavy equipment, machinery inspections, and importance of wearing safety equipment. However, workers are still likely to get injured in construction accidents even they are properly trained or have exercised safety measures. The Clawson & Staubes, LLC: Injury Group website says that slips and trips are the most common kind of construction accidents. Slip and trip accidents in construction are actually preventable if workers are observant and do necessary preventive measures whenever they see irregularities in their workplace.

Workers should make sure that the walking or working surfaces are clutter free and even. Notify fellow workers upon seeing an area where accident may likely occur. Clutters like wood shaving dust, and other tools can cause slip injuries. Wet floors should be immediately dried or place temporary barriers to a wet floor while waiting to dry. Make sure that the working area has sufficient lighting for workers to have clear visibility of their surroundings. When using a light that is plugged to an electrical outlet make sure that the cord is taped to the floor or run it overhead to prevent other workers from tripping. Injuries like, broken bones, fractures, sprain, and head injuries are common in slip and trip accidents.

A worker who had been injured in a workplace accident should immediately report it to his or her employer. Construction workers who were injured in their workplace tend to suffer financial loss as they often require days or weeks for them to go back to work.

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