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Hair Salon Services: What Clients Really Need

Posted on Nov 12, 2014 by in Beauty | 0 comments

For the 82,000 beauty salons all across the US, how versatile each one is in adapting immediately to the trend and the needs of clients will be the determining factors to success. The hair care services industry is probably one type of business wherein even small companies can compete with large and already established ones and come out successful. For though large firms have the advantage in marketing capabilities that enable them to reach more clients, majority of the clients rather go to smaller salons due to their more favorable locations and delivery of high-quality service.

While haircutting, hair styling, coloring, permanents and shampooing still remain to be the basic salon services, others have also began providing facial treatment, nail care, massage, tanning, bikini waxing, and other forms of spa treatment.

But more than the services, however, studies show that what clients really want is for the salon to make them really feel good about making themselves look more beautiful. And, if the salon fails on this primary client need, then it can expect its clients never to return for another service.

Part of customer care is a salon’s move to invest in hiring the right stylists and other experts, and in equipping the establishment with the types of seats, lights and fixtures that will provide clients with a friendly atmosphere and great comfort. Another important factor that salons need to consider is the selling of the best products due to the equally growing do-it-yourself-treatment trend among clients.

One particular salon name that stands out among many others, where quality service, client comfort, and best products are concerned, is Therapy Hair Studio in Houston. With the services performed by renowned master stylists, every client is assured a precision cut and color over a glass of hot cappuccino, tea, wine or champagne, for a truly relaxing and enjoyable salon experience. The salon also provides clients with the products needed to enable them to keep their hair (and makeup) flawless until their next visit. Two exceptional products that Therapy Hair Studio offers are the Kevin Murphy hair care products and Kerastase’s Chronologiste (which makes the hair supple, shiny and incredibly soft plus give it UV protection). Thus, the next time you would think of going to a salon, choose one where the service and comfort will exceed your expectation.

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